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How To Earn Money On The Internet

The Top Ways That You Can Earn Money On Google

Founded in 1998 by Ph.D. students Sergey Brin and Larry Page as a subsidiary of a holding company Alphabet, Google has tremendously grown to become one of the biggest companies in the world with the biggest online influence. In fact, of all online search requests, they are estimated to process about 70-percent of the requests, which is a landmark achievement when you consider the fact that in 2000 Yahoo, the most popular site at the time hired Google as its client search engine. Before the Yahoo contract, they were processing about 500,000 queries per day and by the time the contract ended in 2004, Google was processing 200 million requests in a day.

Brin and page working from the Page’s dormitory at the Stanford University were trying to find a better way to extract meaning from the rapidly increasing internet data when they came up with a new kind of search technology, the BackRub. The technology ranked websites based on the website’s backing links. At the time, most search engines were returning a page based on how often the search term appeared on the page. According to Google, a website many links is valuable than a website with a few links and thus, the search engine would rank the website with many links higher than the one with fewer links.

In 2004, the company issued an IPO that raised notable $1.66 billion making Brin and Page billionaires instantly. In fact, the initial public offering resulted in 7 billionaires and about 900 millionaires who were the early stockholders. In addition to the search, the parent company Alphabet Inc. also owns several other ventures that include advertising, apps, maps, mobile operating system Android and the video-sharing YouTube. Other separate ventures include the research lab Google X, home-products company Nest and a research company Calico. The success has also brought success and financial freedom to many other individuals who take advantage of the opportunities offered by the different products. To start making money, you only need to know how to make money with Google.

Different ways to make money with Google

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Making money with adsense is the most popular way people make a living online using their websites. The good thing about adsense is that people do not necessarily have to buy products for you to earn. With Ad Sense, you are paid when someone clicks the ad on your website. To start making money, you need to embed a Javascript provided to you by the platform on your site. You must also understand the different ways adsense uses to measure ad performance including the CPC, CTR, and RPM. The CPC also the cost per click is the amount of money you will be paid when visitors click on your ad. As a publisher, you will have no power over the price you will receive for each click but understanding the cost per click can help you optimize your website for well-paying ads.

The CTR also the click-through rate is the percentage of visitors who click on your ads while on your site. The CTR is the most important metric for those interested in earning good amount of money through Google Ads. As a publisher, you have control over the CTR as it depends on the tactics that you use to increase the performance of your ad. Both the CTR and CPC give you an idea about the revenue you will be able to generate after a certain impression, which is referred to as the RPM. An easier to calculate the RPM is to divide the estimated earning by the number of times the ad was seen on your website and then multiply the outcome by 1000. The RPM gives a broader view of how much money you make per visitor.

The Ad Sense offers different types of Ads that include text, display ads, rich media, animated image and link units. The text ads also known as the sponsored links usually appear as one or two lines of text format that can include a physical address and the title of the ad as well as any other information as per the requirement of the owner. The display ads are in the graphics format and come in different sizes giving you flexibility when placing them on your page. The rich media ads are in HTML, video and flash format. The animated image ads appear as dynamic images while the link units are displayed as related topics to your content.

How To Optimize Google AdSense For Better Returns

With adsense, you can make anything from zero to hundreds of thousands depending on your efforts for as long as you want as the income is passive, which makes it attractive for people looking to earn for a long period of time. In order to make as much money as possible from your websites, you must optimize the ads for the best performance. You must ensure that your ads are in the best-performing formats of 336×280 large rectangle size, 728×90 leaderboard, 300×600 half page, 300×250 medium rectangle and 320×100 large mobile banner on mobile. You must also optimize your ads for the best viewing by placing them in a place where they are visible without the need to scroll down.

Your ad color choice is also highly important in determining how they respond. There are several strategies that you can embrace including blending, contrasting and complementing. Blending is ideal when you want the ads to have the same look as your content. However, when blending, it is important to ensure that there is a clear delineation between your content and the ads to avoid violating adsense policy. When you want your ads to stand out from your content, you should go for contrasting colors while complementing colors are ideal when you want the ads to use the colors found on your site.

With Adsense, it is also helpful to ensure that the ads are near your call to action. The most effective strategy is to place the ads beside your call to actions whether buttons, forms or social sharing tools. However, you should ensure that the ads do not attract the attention away from your call to actions. It is also important that you ask your visitors to turn off Adblock. Some users hate ads as they disrupt the flow of the content opting to use adblockers on their browsers. You can ask the users who use adblockers to unblock your site nicely or you can use anti-ad block plugins. You should also ensure that your website and ads are optimized for mobile users.

Other ways to make money with Google

Search engine evaluation jobs

Although Google and other search engines primarily use algorithms in their search results, they require human input to make results better. Your job as a search engine evaluator is to evaluate websites, web pages, and ads to ensure that results displayed are helpful and relevant as much as possible in relation to the query. As an evaluator, you will rate the website as the guidelines of Google. However, to become a search engine evaluator, you must work with companies that offer those jobs as they usually outsource them to other companies. Nevertheless, in order to work as a search engine evaluator, you must be able to navigate the different forms of content and have expert knowledge in different industries and areas.

How to make money with Google products

In addition to earning money directly with Google, you can also supplement your income by taking advantage of the reward system by other products like YouTube and Google Play. With YouTube, you can post your videos and get paid based on views. With YouTube, you can post any kind of video, which makes it ideal for professional video makers as well as amateurs. Some of the videos you can post on YouTube include how to guides and tutorials. If you are good at coding, you can also make money through Google Play an Android app store owned by Google.

With Google Play, you can make money by asking users to subscribe to your program or by monetizing your app with ads. The apps that you can host on Google Play can be anything from games to productivity tools and health apps among others. If you offer services or sell products, you can also earn money with Google by advertising your services and products. Advertising with them offers you greater viewership as your ads can appear on different platforms and thus reaching out to a bigger audience.


With Google, there are several ways you can make money as long as you are patient and hardworking especially when using Ad Sense or YouTube where you are paid by impressions. However, once you start making money you can be assured of regular streams as the income is passive, which means that you will still be making money from your past efforts irrespective of your current tasks. Nevertheless, it is important that you strictly follow the policies if you would like to continue making money with Google as the company is known to penalize individuals who violate its policies.