Make Money Online Fast 2019

How To Earn Money On The Internet

How To Make Money Online With And Without Investments?

There are two categories of online money making options. The first set of options does not require you to invest any money. You have to offer only your skills, expertise and time. The second category includes options that require you to invest some amount of money. When trying to figure out how to make money online, select the one that meets your specific needs and goals. The following list includes some of the popular ways to earn money online.

How To Make Money Online Without An Investment

1. Freelance Writer
If you are good at writing, then this is a good way to make money online. There are many freelance websites that connect freelance writers to the clients who need written contents. You will come across two types of freelancing websites. In one type of websites, you have to bid for the jobs that are posted by the clients. In the second type of websites, you pick up the writing assignment as and when it comes up and if you can write as required. Try both types of freelancing websites and see which one works best for you. Once you have got your feet wet in this field, you can move up to higher paying writing assignments. You can offer your writing services through your own websites or contact high paying media outlets and clients directly. Higher paying writing assignments are available to writers who have high academic qualifications.

2. Graphic Designer
This job requires creating and designing logos, images and other types of graphics. It pays well if you have graphic designing skills. This job is available through freelancing websites as well as websites that offer digital design services. Designing of websites is related to graphic designing so you can offer your services as a web designer as well. There is some online T-shirt printing websites that list graphics designed by independent graphic designers. The customers select the artworks they want to be printed on their T-shirts. You get paid whenever an artwork posted by you is selected by a buyer. You should be well versed in graphics and photo editing programs to excel in this field.

3. Website Designer
While it is an extension of the graphic designing field, you can work exclusively as a web designer. The job involves designing the layout of a webpage and arranging its elements. You have to design the website as per the latest web standards and client requirements. A web designer is primarily responsible for the look of the website. There are freelancing websites as well as exclusive design websites that connect web designers to the clients.

4. Website Developer
This job requires developing websites. You should have expertise in programs that help build websites. You should know the tools and applications that are used to operate and improve the websites. A website must be developed in such a way that it is compatible with the latest web standards. Online website developer jobs can be found through freelancing websites. You can earn more if you know both web designing and website development.

5. Software Programmer
This is a high paying job if you can write complex codes and develop applications. You can be an expert in one programming language or in several ones. It is possible to work online part time or full time from home. Develop your programming skills working on real projects. Your prospect of landing a full-time software programmer job increases as you gain experience in this field.

6. Online Tutors
This field has become quite attractive in recent years. A large number of students from all over the world search for trained, certified and experienced online tutors. There is demand for tutors in all subjects. You can even teach people how to sing, play guitar or dance. There are many online tutor websites that connect tutors to students. There is a tutoring job for everyone. In many locations, it is difficult to find personal tutors. Parents of young children now search for online tutors. This creates demand even for tutors who are young and not highly educated. You only need to have a good grasp of at least one subject and you are ready to give online lessons. Join an online tutor website to make money from home. You may need some special devices and accessories like a computer stylus to teach online. The type of device you need depends on the subject you will be teaching.

7. Virtual Assistant
You must have good verbal and written communication skills to work as a virtual assistant. You will be taking calls from customers and clients. You have to provide information, solve problems, or send the matter to an appropriate department in the organization. You may have to handle only the phone calls or both phone and email inquiries. Many companies offer live chat facility to their website visitors. This service is generally handled by independent virtual assistants. You will be paid based on the talk time or hourly basis. A virtual assistant job requires commitment. You have to be present online during the specified working hours.

8. Online Consultation
Everyone cannot do everything. People need the assistance of experts. There is demand for online consultants in the fields of legal, insurance, real estate, education, financing and others. You must be aware of latest changes and developments taking place in your field of expertise. You can work independently or connect with clients through a consultancy firm or a freelancing website.

9. Transcription
Most of the demands for transcriptionists come from the medical industry. A medical transcriptionist is required to transcribe voice recordings of doctors and other medical professionals. You must have knowledge of medical terms. Some training is needed before you can join this profession. Your prospects of getting hired for this job are higher if you have education and training in the health and medical field. Transcriptionists are also needed by the law firms. In both cases, you are unlikely to get jobs directly from the clients. You have to join a transcription company that connects clients to online transcriptionists.

10. Small Online Tasks
There are small jobs that can be completed by remote workers. Examples of such jobs include image tagging, form filling, providing inputs in surveys, writing contents, proofreading, website evaluation, app evaluation and others. Some apps pay you if you allow them to track your online purchases, visits to the websites, or usage of the apps. There are small task freelancing websites. This field does not pay very high but most of the jobs are fairly easy and can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of computer.

11. Vlogging
It is video blogging. You post videos online at free video sharing websites. You get paid when your video is viewed by a large number of people. Before you start posting videos online to earn money, you should learn how to make high-quality videos without professional and expensive setups.

Online Jobs That Require Some Investment

1. Blogging
It is an easy way to make money online. First, decide the main subject of your blog. You should have a deep interest in that subject. You can write the written contents of your blog yourself or hire professional writers. You make money from your blog by placing advertisements and affiliate links. Take help of ad websites that offer pay per click ads from advertisers to blog owners. You get paid when a visitor to your blog clicks on the ad link. Placing affiliate links of affiliate merchants on your web pages is another way to monetize your blog. There are online companies that connect bloggers to affiliate merchants. You get paid when someone buys the product or service at the merchant’s website after coming through your blog. The payment is generally a percentage of the sale amount. You have to spend some money to develop and host your blog website.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Blogging is one way to earn money online from affiliate marketing. There are other ways as well. Affiliate links can also be placed at other types of websites. It can be a comparison, forum or directory website. People look for authoritative information on various subjects. For example, some people want to know about the latest gadgets. Gamers are always looking for information on their favorite games. Your website can be based on any such subject. The affiliate links are placed along with the contents of the webpage.

3. Direct Selling
Buy products in wholesale and sell those items to customers through e-commerce websites. Sell products that are cheaper in your area but expensive or not available in other parts of the country. Many ecom platforms allow independent sellers to sell products. It can be a risky online business venture so avoid investing a large amount of money initially in buying products. Start selling online with a small range of products. You can sell products through your own website. Now many sellers find buyers through social media websites and apps.

4. Drop Shipping
It is similar to direct product selling but it works in a different way. The advantage of this system is that you do not have to buy and store products for selling. A drop ship merchant keeps all the products. You only bring the purchase leads to the merchant. You can bring the leads through your own website or through an ecom website. After receiving the product order, you have to convey the order information to the drop ship company. It will pack and ship the product to the customer. The package will have your information as the seller. It is a good way to sell a large number of products online without investing any money. You have to invest only in establishing and running your website. Even that investment is not necessary if you sell through ecom platforms.

5. Sell Homemade Items
If you have the skills in certain crafts, you can sell your handmade products online. There are niche ecom platforms that sell only handcrafted items. Connect with the buyers through these websites. When selling the branded products, you have to lower the prices a lot to compete against hundreds of other sellers selling the same items. This type of competition is not there in the market for handcrafted items.

6. Coupons, Discounts, and Cashbacks
It does not really qualify as an online money making option but money saved is money earned. Whenever you want to purchase something, you should first check discount and cashback offers related to that product. Use promo coupons to get discounts on products. Many online sellers offer heavy discounts once in a year or during certain high sale seasons. Plan your expensive purchases in such a way that it coincides with the sale seasons.

Look for the signs of scams when searching how to earn money online. Never pay money to get an online job. Always verify a company before dealing with it. Make sure it has a good record of paying to its online workers or associates. Do not participate in activities that are illegal in your area. You can avoid online money making scams if you do some research before joining a company. There are legitimate and genuine ways to make money online. Millions of people from all over the world are working online from home and earning an income. You can do it too.